Anthony Rae

Volunteer environmental campaigner, and directs his own Foundation


I'm a fulltime environmental volunteer and campaigner, with a portfolio of activity that reaches from the local to the global. The main focus for my work is climate change The ...


Friends of the Earth

Much of my environmental campaigning is undertaken via Friends of the Earth.  I was a Board member for 9 years (till 2011) and Chair of Campaigns Committee for 6 ...



I'm a transport campaigner at local, regional and national levels with a special focus on constraining the unsustainable expansion of aviation.  Previously member of the Y&H regional transport board ...


…  to my personal website*: ‘irony-subverted self promotion dressed up as public benefaction’.

July 2015: briefing on Airports Commission compliance with CCC emissions framework.
July 2015: publication of UK population projections article
June 2015:
support for the Frequent Flier Levy aviation proposal
1st half 2015:
support for the Climate Coalition’s activity
July 2013:
publication of Global Population briefing
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I’ve been a fulltime volunteer environmental ‘strategist and campaigner’ since 1998, with a portfolio of activity that reaches from the local to the global, and which focuses on climate change – and as part of that transport, including aviation – and regional activity here in Yorkshire. Now based in Hebden Bridge, I was brought up in the London suburb of Pinner before moving North to study, live and work in Manchester. You can read something – but not too much – about my biography here.

From the 1990s my environmental work was undertaken via Friends of the Earth and I was on its Board for nine years (2002-11), chairing the Campaigns Committee for six. However most of my activity is now channelled through the Anthony Rae Foundation, founded in 2009 and which has Funding, Analysis, Information and Campaigns ‘divisions’. Of course, it’s all just me, rushing around.

I work for free; and believe in collective benefit – I don’t like selfish individualism (but both in a non-politically partisan sense) – and the transformative power of creativity.

If you’re interested in my work or that of the Foundation – maybe can see an opportunity for collaboration – you should contact me.