Year 2 – 2010

Summary: In its 2nd year the Foundation committed to a three year programme to support the Friends of the Earth international climate change campaign, through to the Rio+20 conference (here and here) in 2012; and contributed on behalf of FOE the initial sum that buys an organisation into the 2010 Big Give fundraising opportunity: for their ‘Get Serious’ UK climate campaign:

–  £20,000 (with Big Give matched funding) to Friends of the Earth to fund international climate change campaigning, and particularly research and publication of the Reckless Gamblers report (Dec 2010), published to coincide with COP16 at Cancun.

–  £10,000 to Friends of the Earth for the UK climate change campaign ‘Get Serious’ (here and here) to push local carbon reduction and targets.

–  £3,750 to the Rainforest Foundation for a programme of activity in 2011 around the links between climate change and deforestation.

–  £1,800 to WWF for a 2nd year’s funding of their international Tiger conservation project and £1,800 (both with Big Give matched funding) to Fauna & Flora International for their international gorilla conservation programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda.

Total made available by the Foundation in 2010* (including matched funding and Gift Aid): around £37,500 – against a target of £40,000.

Conclusion: “The advance in the Foundation’s second year was the move to a longer-term  support for FOE international climate change campaigning, based around a research programme; creating a bridge between the climate change and biodiversityareas; and an increase in the total level of funding made available.” Anthony Rae

* The Foundation operates on calendar years, usefully crossing the usual April financial year boundary

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